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Voice Call

With OBTalker, users can record conversation with friends, family members or customers. Record, store, transcribe and retrieve the calls from their phone devices or from the cloud or prompt for voicemail.

Group Chat / Conference Call

Make audio conference call with 250 or more number of people on group chat participation, mixed locally to minimize latency.

Photos, videos & document

Send photos, videos and documents on OBTalker instantly. You can send unlimited number of photos, videos and files (doc, zip, mp3, etc.) of up to 20GB each or more.


Build your own tools or
chat bots on our API..



Convert recorded calls into written words.

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No More Fakes. No More Counterfeits!
OBTalker helps brand owners fight against counterfeits and ensures that customers get the real products. Customers simply Scan and know product’s authenticity and brand owners are safeguard from penalties of Fake product ensuring protection your innovation!.

Live Broadcasting & TV Broadcasters

Start live streaming, store your live streaming video codec in your phone devices or in the cloud and playback directly from your device storage folder without bothering about Internet bandwidth usage.

Virtual Coin Payment System

Send cash, hearts, lollipops, cryptocurrency coin and other gifts to your favorite broadcasters in real time. Get lots of audience. Keep your followers. We’ll give you interesting offers!.


Speak text to callers in multiple languages and accents.