About Us

The coolest messaging, machine deep learning & network video broadcast application.

OBTalker Messenger is a powerful artificial intelligence cloud-based voice, call transcription and network video broadcasting application.  A registered trademark and patent of its parent company OPENBINACLE LLC.

OBTalker focuses on VoIP, SIP Trunking, and video broadcast services. We take care of the messy telecom hardware and expose a globally available cloud infrastructures which makes OBTalker an intelligent and a less complex communications systems.

Our mission is to build powerful communication messaging tools that break the barriers of communication irrespective of different languages, accent or culture around the world.

With OBTalker, you can speak text to callers in 680+ African native languages and accents, you can record conversation with your friends, family and business partners, store, transcribe and retrieve the calls from your phone devices or from the cloud or prompt for voicemail. You can use OBTalker to determine if an outbound call made has reached a live person, answering machine, or fax.

Also we believe that, human capital investment confirms that talent competitiveness is linked to wealth creation.
For this reason, OBTalker Live Streaming is designed to allow people around the world, to socially empower, tip-off and engage with active and talented young entrepreneurs, entertainers, musicians & instrumentalist, poets, dancers, artisans and fashion people, and share their thoughts on what they are seeing, by instantly donating or tip-off or sending virtual coins and other gifts to their favorite live video content creators.

In this regards, we are moving forward and quickly to set up virtual & physical Live performance and audition centres with the latest cutting edge technologies and infrastructures around the world, to simply ‘bring the youth, entertainment, art and culture to LIVE – all of which drive up diversity and wealth creation’..






Talent Competition & Live Audition

Engage with your audience on your LIVE sessions. Have a chat with your favorite individual or industry based professional broadcaster & TV Channels broadcasters.
You can watch Live videos anytime and anywhere..